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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skiing at Beaver Creek

We went to Beaver Creek Colorado to ski.  Well, I went because it was a vacation and everyone else went to ski.  Drew grew up skiing and loves to ski.  In his heart he hopes his children also love to ski.  I do not like to ski, but I will do anything to help Drew realize the dream of watching his children ski. 

I also went because of the house we lived in for five days.  My goodness it was unreal to live in this house and just pretend.  Pretend to live a life unknown to us the other 360 days of the year and for the rest of our lives.  What a privilege for all of us.  Despite the obvious wealth of the house, it was a very warm and inviting home.  We felt comfortable and happy in this house.  It was an amazing gift to all of us. 
I mean really...look at this house!
Beaver Creek is probably one of the most beautiful places we have gone as a family.  The mountains were lovely and even more so when covered in snow.  The temperatures were perfect...below freezing at night and 50 during the day.  I was so thankful it was not too cold or I think the kids may have been miserable.  There was plenty of snow to enjoy....sled, eat, ski, kick, throw, etc.

Drew, Gail/Meemaw, Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Gretchen skied on Sunday.  The kids learned some skills and were excited about the upcoming days of learning to ski.  Monday the kids stayed with me to explore the area and play in the house.  Tuesday the kids had a private lesson and turned into skiers.   Drew was beside himself with joy at the sight of seeing Emma, Jonah, and Samuel ski down a hill to him.  Wednesday they skied until they could barely move.  Drew said they smiled all day and were just so excited.  What a gift to all of us.  The kids so badly wanted to ski and they did.  Drew wanted his kiddos to ski and love it...they did.  Meemaw just had a full heart of seeing such joy on everyone's faces.
Meemaw, Gretchen, Drew, Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena for fun
Emma and Jonah
Drew said Samuel smiled like this all day
Daddy and his skiers!
Drew, Samuel, Jonah, Meemaw, and Emma
My skiing fools!

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