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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I miss my running coach

That sounds crazy does it not?  I don't mean it in a sappy way, but in an accountable way.  Let me explain.

I have had a running coach, TMB, create two plans for me.  Both helped me achieve the goals I dreamed of for those races.   I was accountable to someone besides just me.  I had someone checking to see if I was running and how it was going.  I like that.  I had no excuses.

I designed my own plan and three days into this training cycle I was ready to cut my mileage short.  I only have to answer to me.  No one else knows my plan and checks in on me.  No one would know if I was supposed to run 4 or 5 miles this morning.  It is all me.  I answer to me.  I am solely responsible if I follow my plan and work toward achieving my goal.

Today I was tired and really just wanted to run 4 miles.  Actually I wanted to say in bed!  I knew I would have to hustle if I wanted to run my planned 5 miles.  However, I had a progression run planned so I would be hustling and I had no excuse.  It took me 2 miles to realize I own this plan.  I will work my plan. I am not a quitter.  I will be accountable to me.  I will do this, but it probably won't be easy.  But, that is okay.  I think most big goals are not easy to achieve, but they are definitely possible.

Still, I miss my coach!


  1. That's one good thing about Daily Mile. In a crazy virtual way we are all "checking in" with teammates across the country... :-)

  2. That made me smile. Not that you wanted to cut your runs short, but that you miss my annoying emails. You can do this! Plus you get to see me tomorrow!