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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When not skiing....

There was lots to do at Beaver Creek in addition to skiing.  Truly I was happy to be in the house all day, go for a walk or run or both, and just hang out with the family.  The kiddos were kind of happy with this plan, but they knew of the fun lurking in the ski village.  Being the kind parents were are (ha-ha) we indulged almost every wish.  It was a vacation after all!

We did go on a fun walk up the mountain.  The boys loved kicking the snow piles!  Elena was so bothered that her brothers were not walking on the road.  She yelled and yelled at them, which was hilarious to us all.
Just love Elena copying her big sister!

Walking on the ski slope by our house
We took Emma, Jonah, and Samuel bungee trampolining which was awesome for them. Imagine being strapped with bungee cords and bouncing on a trampoline doing all kinds of flips!  Jonah would have done that all day every day.
Samuel getting strapped in!
Jonah's turn to strap in
Emma turning flips
On our last day in the mountains Emma, Jonah, and Samuel went ice skating.  At first none of them were any good at all.  It was all rail holding for them.  Samuel skated with my help for about 30 minutes.  He was beginning to get the hang of it when he decided he was too tired. 

Emma and Jonah skated for about one hour and they both improved.  Emma was skating without the rail by the time we left.

All three of my ice skaters
We also did a little sledding on day one.  After that it was all skiing!
Samuel laughing himself silly!
Jonah wanted to go farther and faster each time.

And, after all that playing there had to be some eating.  We did eat some yummy food that I cooked in the amazing kitchen.  However, the best dessert we had all week was homemade snow ice cream....oh my yumminess!  Mix a little white ice cream, milk, vanilla, and sugar and eat!  The kiddos were so excited to make this yummy treat all day and they were not disappointed.  Daddy did a good job.
Making our treat!
Snow ice cream
Wow, did we have fun!

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