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Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrating Emma

I love birthdays!  I don't care if it is my birthday, a family member, or a friend.  Birthdays are a wonderful day all about you.  It is to be enjoyed and celebrated to the fullest!

Emma is a lucky duck because her birthday was on Saturday.  That meant an entire weekend of celebrating her.  Because Emma's birthday is in June she does not have a school celebration.  We are also usually preparing to leave for our summer trip and her birthday always feels rushed to me.  Well, this year we did it right!

Friday night she and two friends had a girls night out.  They saw a movie, went to dinner, and then had dessert (all chaperoned by mommy!).  The evening was capped off by playing at the park.  Then to make it even better her best friend spent the night. What a lucky girl!
Emma and her BFF Ashlynn
Aurora, Emma, and Ashlynn eating gourmet food at Fuddruckers
playing at the park
Silly girls with blue tongues from blue slushies
On Saturday, I made Emma a special breakfast and she played with Ashlynn all morning.  After lunch she opened her presents.
Her very first American Girl Doll, McKenna

In the afternoon we went to an Astros game followed by a Third Day concert.  Emma was not immediately thrilled at the idea of baseball on her birthday, but the lure of a concert convinced her it would be fun.  Having an ice cream sundae in a baseball hat helped!

The Astros actually won and scored lots of runs.  That made it more fun for the kids.  The concert was AMAZING!  Third Day is just great.   Go see them!  Emma had a blast!!!

The baseball sundae

The party did not stop there.  On Sunday we went to our friends house to swim and to have dinner.  Since it was Emma's birthday, Mike made Emma's favorite....ribs, and they were so yummy!  They were finger licking good and "can I please stuff myself with more" good!  Emma was in heaven.  Then it was finally time for her cake.  Emma had requested an ice cream cake.

I can hardly think of a better place to eat an ice cream cake!
We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating our wonderful Emma.  When I put her to bed last night I asked her if she had a fun birthday weekend.  Emma is generally pretty reserved with her emotions.  She said it was a really fun weekend.  That is saying a bunch from Emma!

Love you so much dear girl.  Happy Birthday!

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