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Sunday, June 10, 2012

An early Father's Day celebration

Father's Day is actually next week, but Drew will not be home to celebrate with his kiddos.  So, we celebrated Drew/Daddy today!

Drew had some alone time on his 50 mile bike ride this morning.  Then, it was all about the kids and Daddy.  I was happy to let him be with the kids.  We went swimming which was tons of fun.  Samuel is getting braver in the water.  Elena likes to splash in the shallow ends.  Emma and Jonah are just fish.  With Drew there I could float around and watch.  What a treat for me!

We made a lovely dinner for Drew...buffalo steaks, cheesy mashed potatoes, broccoli, and cherries. 

After dinner we had the yummiest cupcakes for dessert.  Elena and Jonah had a hard time eating neatly!

Then it was the kids favorite point of the evening....time for presents.  The kids picked out two biking shirts and were very proud of them.  Drew loved them!  He also received some chocolates, Tastykakes, and Honey Stingers for riding.  It was quite the goody bag for him.
Silly little people and Daddy
Drew is a wonderful Daddy and I am so happy to be raising our children with him!

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  1. I totally could have celebrated Drew for that meal. haha Nice job mommy!