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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tonight we had a crazy bad storm.  There was lots of thunder and lighting.  The wind was the worst part of the storm.  It was 70mph at times.  I am thoroughly amazed that we did not lose power.
The canopy to the play set is supposed to cover the play set. 
During the storm I looked cautiously out the window.  I could hear things hitting the roof and just wanted to see more closely what was happening.  Branches big and little had and were falling.  That is okay.  I can handle that kind of clean up.

The kind of clean up I don't like is, for example, a fence falling down.  Luckily for me that is exactly what happened!  Drew was especially happy when I texted him the good news.  Please note the sarcasm! 
Yeah, that is my neighbors yard and the fence laying on the yard.
I swear our house is cursed.  There is always something needing to be fixed.  We fix one leak or one something and the same thing happens in a new place.  Don't buy an old house!

The best part about the fence coming down is the timing.  We are leaving for NYC in two days.  That does not leave time to fix the fence.  So, do we board the dog or let Meemaw contend with walking the dog in the yard.  Answer...board the dog so we get to spend more fun money.  I was overjoyed....again note sarcasm!

After dinner Drew decided he could prop it up until it could be fixed properly next weekend. Then our neighbor told Drew he was fixing it tomorrow.  He has the money.  He has a plan.  He does not want Drew's help.  Don't worry about it he told Drew.  Seriously!!!!  Talk about an answer to prayers.  Good people do exist!!!

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