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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NYC part 2

Our last three days in NYC were just as great as the first two.  We packed as much fun, leisurely activity into three days as possible.  Drew continued to have choir practice each afternoon so we had the mornings and nights to be tourists!

On Saturday we woke up late...oops!  It was a delight to sleep until almost 9am.  Luckily we had planned to walk in Central Park and we were only two blocks from the park.  I just love the beauty and charm of the park.  It is filled with people, activity, secluded areas, famous sights, and so much more!  Because I loved it so much and Drew really liked the park too, we spent more time there on Monday afternoon!

The views of the city are great!
I would love to live in this building if only we could afford it!

The boat house
Saturday night we went to the Empire State Building.  Drew bought us express passes so we did not wait in any lines.  I highly recommend this!  It was dust so seeing the city at night was fun.  It was windy and cold (like 65ish) so we spent most of our time on the sunny side of the building.  I also refused to go up to the spire.  We were definitely high enough.  After that we bar hopped our way back to our fun!  We had to have our beloved Yuengling while we were there!
Looking at the sound end of Manhattan
Looking down at the street...34th!

Sunday we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a cool overcast morning so it was perfect for a walk across the river.  The bridge was not very crowded on the way to Brooklyn which made it seem fun to run or bike across.  It was crowded on the way back so I think exercise on this bridge would have to occur early in the morning to avoid total frustration.  The views again were great.

I visited one of the yummiest places on Earth Sunday afternoon, but I did not buy a thing.  

I can buy them anywhere, but yum!
I opted to get some cheesecake from Junior's instead.  If you plan to visit NYC, go there.  It was melt in your mouth good cheesecake!

Sunday night was the main event of our trip...well for some, but definitely a highlight.  It was show time at the Lincoln Center for the choir.  They sang the Hallelujah  Chorus and it was wonderful.  It sounded beautiful and I felt totally filled when the concert was finished.  
I got to listen to the sound check

Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center

My handsome tenor!
On our final day we went to the Today Show.  Yes, I am a geek and wanted to see Matt, Ann, and Al.  We did not see Matt...bummer.  David Gregory was there instead and I got to shake his hand.  They all seemed so nice in person and I must say that Ann is as beautiful in person as she is on television.  The best part was we were on TV!  It was so exciting!!
Getting ready to do the intro for the 9 o'clock hour
Ann was about four people from us
Do you see Al down in the corner?

After becoming celebrities...ha-ha!....we went to the top of the Rockefeller building.  I think I enjoyed the views from here more than the Empire State Building, but Drew was undecided.  It was definitely another great day and we could see forever...literally to the Atlantic Ocean.
Central Park

Looking from the street up to the top of the Rockefeller building
We had one last yummy meal before we left for home.  If you like live entertainment while eating I recommend Ellen's Stardust Diner in Time Square.  The food was good and the waitstaff takes turns singing fun songs.  It was very fun and the perfect way to end our trip to the city!  

Being that this was an anniversary trip for us, I could not pass up the opportunity to take these pictures....

I took 231 pictures from Thursday night to Monday afternoon.  I loved every minute of our trip (except breaking my toe)!  I knew our kids were in good care and we did not worry about them for one second.  How freeing!  We walked, dined, visited, and did basically whatever we wanted on our own schedule for five days.  It was AMAZING!

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