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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I broke my toe

Five years ago I broke my toe when I walked into an ottoman.  Almost one week ago I broke my toe again when I walked into my suitcase.  I knew it was broken because the pain was identical.  I swear the immediate pain rivals labor.  It hurts like words I usually don't say, but did! 

The best part (not really) was that Drew and I had just arrived in New York City.  We had only been in our hotel room for maybe ten minutes.  Really???!!!
Pretty isn't and it only got worse as I continued to walk and run
Despite wanting to vomit because of the pain, I made a very quick and purposeful decision that my vacation plans would not be altered because of this dumb incident.  I planned on walking NYC and running in Central Park.  Nothing was going to change...or so I really prayed.

I would like to say that no one should continue with the activities that I did after breaking a toe.  A broken toe requires rest, elevation, ice, pain medication if needed, and lots more rest.  Walking lots and running are definitely not advised!

I ignored all that and walked approximately 6-8 miles each day.  I tried to wear my sneakers, but they squished my toe too much so I had to wear my flip flops.  That left my toe very exposed and I was very careful when we were near people.  With the exception of Thursday night I still wore my heals out at night.  Seriously, I was in NYC with my hubby and I wanted to look good.  Dumb, but true and I liked my new shoes!  I obviously walked slower and had to alter my gait, but I did not miss a thing.  I still saw everything I hoped to see!

As for running, I did that too.  On Friday, I decided to try to run maybe three miles in Central Park.  Having not looked a park map very closely I just ran without really knowing where I was going.  I took a right turn at one point which took me up to 102nd street.  We stayed on 57th street.  I ended up running 8.5 miles completely without planning to do that and my foot ached so badly by the time I was finished.  I could not run paces anywhere near what I like to run.  I was so thankful to be running that it did not bother me too much. However,  I was bummed some because it was perfect running weather.

Saturday I ran again, but my foot was in wrenching pain so I called it quits after 3.5 miles.  Either way, I did it.  I really wanted to run in Central Park and I did two times.  I was so thankful my foot gave me that.

I paid the price for running those two days with increased swelling and bruising, but to me it was worth it.  I can walk slowly anywhere!

Now, I have not run since Saturday afternoon and I really want to run.  I might try tomorrow.  We shall see.  I know I need to look at the big picture, but that is sometimes very hard.  The swelling is much better and the bruising is better.  It still hurts and I know I must be careful. 

Still, no regrets!!


  1. Oh no!!! I can't believe that happened right when you were getting to NYC and ready to tour the city. :-(

    I hope your toe heals quickly.

    p.s. Those are the cutest toes- even if one of them is broken!

    1. You gave me a good laugh...thanks! I hope it heals quickly too!

  2. Hi Kourtni! Those toes are way better looking than mine, even with one broken. Your nails are so nice! I can't believe that you could run like that. I would have tried to also, if I were in such a great new place to run.

    1. Thanks! Central Park was worth every painful step!