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Monday, June 4, 2012

Zooma Annapolis recap

Where to start?  It was all so good.  Truly I can hardly think about anything frustrating, bad, or else about this race.

Saturday morning Kelsey and I headed out the door at 5:30am, which may be the only bad thing!  We arrived in plenty of time to use the port-o-potty twice and to take pictures.  This is only the third time I have had my picture taken before a race...crazy!

It was chilly for me...a cool 55 degrees at the start.  It had stormed like crazy the night before which made the weather beautiful.  It was breezy, cool, and not humid.  The skies were crystal blue so the views on the course were awesome!

I lined up between the 1:50 pacer and the 2:00 pacer.  I figured I did not have anything to lose by hoping for a sub 2 hour run.  And, from experience I know that people always line up where they don't belong and this race was no exception.  There were no walkers thank goodness, but I passed plenty of people during the first mile.

We ran around the stadium with some small quick hills.  I had looked at the elevation map several times and I knew to expect hills.  I did not expect the length of some of the climbs.  Thankfully, what goes up must come down!

My first mile was 8:33 and it felt easy.  I was shocked considering how the past couple of weeks have been for me.  My second mile was 8:05 and I figured I should slow down.  The first part of the course took us to downtown Annapolis past the State House on the brick streets.  We ran down my favorite shopping street right to the marina.  I just loved running here and it was downhill!  Then we headed uphill past the Naval Academy and a neighborhood with quaint little houses.  The flat parts were basically over by the time we hit the Naval Academy bridge.  The view from the bridge was amazing.  There were boats, barges, and ships to be seen and you could see forever.  It was so clear! 

Mile 3:  8:18
Mile 4:  8:15
Mile 5:  8:21 

Mile 6 started serious hills, at least for me, and it was windy crossing the bridge.  After the bridge we continued climbing the longest hill of the race.  My two slowest miles were during this part.  Mile 6 was 8:38 and mile 7 was 8:44.  I was still feeling good and decided to pick up my pace if I could.  My hip was feeling pretty good as well, but my IT band was sore because of all the angled roads.  That was slightly frustrating. 

After the climb we headed onto the B and A Trail and it was beautiful.  We were running through the woods on a paved trail and it smelled like the forest.  It was so cool and refreshing.  There were still some little inclines, but nothing serious.  The trail was a little crowded and passing was challenging at times.  We turned around to head back to the finish just after mile 7.  The big hills started again and of course, the bridge remained!

Mile 8:  8:22
Mile 9:  8:04 (almost all downhill)
Mile 10:  8:25 (crossing the bridge again)

The last part of the course was a quick down and back with little hills.  I was feeling really good and knew I was going to have a great finishing time.  It was weird because I felt like I was running by myself.  I saw people in front of me, but there was no one around me and I thought it was strange.  It made it a little harder to push the pace, but I was trying.  I was hating the hills by this point and my hip was sore.

Mile 11:  8:13
Mile 12:  8:13
Mile 13:  8:08

Just before mile 13 I could see the 1:50 pacer in front of me and I was beginning to think I may catch her.  I ran up those little hills as hard as I could.  I cursed out loud having to run across grass for about a tenth of a mile.  The last tenth was almost all up a little hill and that was hard too.  But, I passed the pacer and knew I just had to sprint.  I could see the clock and knew I was going to PR. 

Last mile:  0.14 (on my watch) 1:08 (7:56 pace)

I crossed at 1:49.56 in total amazement of my accomplishment.  I really was just in awe of my race and how good it felt.  I was so proud of my effort!

In a total moment of brain freeze I forgot about the difference between gun time and chip time.  Wow was all I could think when I saw my official time of 1:49.20!

PRing was a awesome since it was a shock!  The race was great.  I really remembered to take in the views.  To be thankful for being I was able to run this race.  To melt it all into my memory.

After the race I met up with my sister.  We did a little shopping. I got two super cute t-shirts.  I saw my coach and chatted briefly.  She was super busy at the Tough Chik tent.  We also took tons of pictures.  The post race party was at Navy-Marine Corp Stadium and there were too many places to get a great picture.

One way and then
the other
You can totally see my bulging hip because of the ice bag...loved the Blue Angel airplane!
The entrance to the stadium...I was tired and wanted to sit!

I don't think I could have run a 1:45 on this course.  It was hilly.  However, I do know that I have it in me.  I know it will come and that is so exciting!!!

Overall I finished 81st/1105 and in my age group I finished 18th/183.   I am still riding my Zooma high!


  1. Congrats! That's a great finish time, especially on a hilly course!