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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Tomorrow we leave home for six weeks.  The kids and I will spend five week visiting family in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina.  Drew will be with us for short periods of time and then for the final week of our trip.  We will be in Vermont on the glorious shores of Lake Champlain!

Every summer I kind of dread the trip.  It is a lot of effort to get everything organized and I miss doing summer things with our friends.  However, we always have a blast and I have never regretted going.

This summer I decided to make a list of the things I hope to do with the kids.  I hope to do some of things we always do like go to the beach, go on bike rides, and play at the pool.  But this year I really want to FOCUS on having a great time.  I want to remember to be in the moment only worrying about that moment!  With this list I hope to make lots of fun silly memories!

1.  Go on a picnic or two or three
2.  Make ice cream
3.  Fly kites
4.  Play in a creek
5.  Go to a zoo
6.  Visit at least one historical site
7.  Catch fireflies
8.  Go on a date with each of them....they pick the date!
9.  Watch the Olympics with them
10.  Have our own backyard Olympics
11.  Go to a drive-in movie
12.  Go on a hike...something semi easy so Elena can walk some too
13.  Go to a different park each week
14.  Go fishing
15.  Go to Dutch Wonderland
16.  Go tubing with them
17.  Play in the sprinkler with them instead of just watching them
18.  Go to a baseball game either pro or minor leagues or both
19.  Eat ice cream for dinner
20.  Do a craft with them and yes, just one (I don't really like crafts, but they do)
21.  Have fun doing whatever it is we do each and every day!  

On August 14th it will be fun to see if we accomplished anything on this list! 

Happy Summer everyone!

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