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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What we are doing this week

Last week I declared the week of the park.  Well I tried.  It got to hot and muggy at the end of the week. The kids and I were finding no joy sweating like fools at local playgrounds.  So, I declared this week pool week.  It is still as hot and muggy.  This has been a much better plan.

Literally we have been at the pool for the past four days.  It has been wonderful.  I am also quite proud to say that today is the first time anyone had any evidence of sun on them.  Love my Target brand sunscreen!

To add to the fun, some of our cousins arrived yesterday so now Emma has playmates.  Kristen and Miriam will be here for the next four days.  It will be great fun!  Our friends Braden and Connor joined us today too. 

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