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Friday, June 8, 2012

Vacation countdown and something else

Every summer we leave the sweltering heat of Texas to visit our family and friends on the East Coast.  This year is no exception and the kids are getting very excited!!!  So am I!

Because the little ones are very excited, I decided they should create a vacation countdown chain (thank you Carmalyn).  It is an easy craft requiring no help from me...bonus!  Emma could lead the activity...bonus for her!  Everyone could help.  Definitely a win-win for all!

Emma took charge and decided that each person should have a different color.  This would eliminate arguing over who removes a link each day.  She is so smart!!  We leave in 21 day so each child gets to remove five rings and Daddy will have the honor of taking down the last one.

Emma cut the strips of paper.  Samuel categorized them by color.  Jonah and Emma glued the links together.  Finally, Emma numbered the links.  We hung it from the curtain rod in the breakfast room.  They are so excited to start tomorrow!

On a different note, we had big happenings in our house yesterday.  Jonah and Emma both have loose teeth and yesterday they both lost one!  Jonah woke up, came downstairs, sat on the couch.  Then he says, "Mom, my tooth just fell out!"  He was pretty excited.  There will be no more corn on the cob for Jonah.

Emma's loose teeth are horrendous.  It is both her bottom eye teeth.  They are so loose and she likes to play with them when she talks...gross.  Last night at gymnastics she collided with a teammate and tooth gone!  Both these pictures are really awful, but kind of funny!

I giggle every time I look at them!

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