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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A gift to me

I read all the time how important it is to take care of the me in Mommy.  I think I do a decent job because of running, play dates, and occasional girlfriend outings.  But, none of these things really take me away from my kiddos...maybe a couple of hours here and there. 

This past weekend I was given the gift of time to me.  Drew is amazing!  He did not hesitate when I asked about going to my sister's for the weekend to hang out and to race.  He said go just like he always does.   He knows me and he knows if I ask it must be important.  And it was.  So I received a great gift this past weekend.  Time for me.  Time with my nieces.  Time with Kelsey.  Time to run without the pressure of being "on" as soon as I was finished.  It was a beautiful gift!  I treasured every moment!  I could not be more thankful!!

I prepared food, made lists, and put out clothing before I left.  Drew is an amazing Daddy and I knew they would have a great weekend!  I managed to turn off all things Mommy and was just me.  I did worry about Emma at her gymnastics evaluations on Friday.  I worried about Samuel at his soccer on Saturday.  But, that was it!  I was just me being a runner, a sister, and an aunt for the rest of the weekend.  Bliss!

I shopped with Kelsey and did not have to worry about children refusing to sit in carts or running through aisles.  I played with my nieces without my kids wanting my attention.  I slept without wondering if anyone would wake me during the night.  I went out for dinner!  It was peaceful, refreshing, and renewing!
We saved this baby bird...poor thing!

We played at the park
Kelsey and night with me!

Me and Kels with the Annapolis harbor in the background
Sweet girls...Hanna, Leah, and Maya

Now it is back to reality in a big way, but it is all good.  I feel like a better mommy.  I used my time away to focus on me and now I am ready and want to focus on my kiddos and Drew!

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