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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One overdone momma!

Have you ever had a week where everything seems to go wrong.  These types of weeks don't seem to happen during a "light" week.  They always happen when there is already too much to accomplish.  For me, the past 10 days have put me on the brink of a minor breakdown.  Some days I think it may be a major breakdown.

Since we have returned from NYC Jonah has been diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and received another head injury requiring staples.  Emma had her birthday.  I am still dealing with my broken toe.  We have had lots of responsibilities at church to fulfill.  Oh, and I have to plan and pack for five people for six weeks.  This is just on top of all the normal stuff I have to do.  I have nothing going on.

Monday I reached my breaking point when Jonah injured his head again.  The injury was a total accident. Jonah was sitting on a circle mat at the gym when it was bumped and he rolled into the wall.  He hit his head on a bolt.  Having to listen to my poor baby cry and scream as he received four staples in his lower head was more than I could take.  Instead of crying I had to be the strong one telling him it would be be would be over soon.  All I wanted to do was cry with him.

Later that night I saw this posted on Proverbs 31 Facebook page.  I felt like it was speaking directly to me because I was definitely running on empty.