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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zooma Annapolis...the quick version

Can I just say that I love Zooma Annapolis??!!  It was a great race.  I loved the course.  I love that town.  I thought it was well organized.  I even did not curse the hills too much and trust me, there were plenty of them.
Pre-race in front of Navy Stadium....a cool 55 degrees
I ran my best half yet which was a total surprise to me!  My time was 1:49.20 which is a 40 second PR.  I am still astounded when I think about it!!  I thought it was just a 4 second PR because of my finishing clock time.  However, my tired brain forgot about the difference between gun time and chip time...oops!  So, I was totally over the moon when I saw my official time!!
Post race so happy with a soaking wet skirt from icing my hip
I had a great weekend with my sister and her family.  I am tired and will do full blow by blow tomorrow!

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