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Thursday, May 31, 2012

They are growing up...

Emma and Jonah officially finished 3rd grade and Kindergarten today.  When I think about all they have learned in the past year it amazes me.  When I think about how much they have grown and changed...all for the better....I want to cry.  I am so proud of them for working hard each day and always doing their best.

Emma finished the year with all A's in the major subjects and all E's in the ancillary subjects.  Jonah earned all E's in his subjects.  Drew and I are super proud of them!  As important, if not more, than those wonderful grades are the positive comments their teachers gave us about how nice and caring they are!  Drew and I are blessed with amazing children!!
The first day of school
May 2012
May 2012...he has grown so much!
And, this big going to be in Pre-K in the fall.  He is very excited. 
First day of Preschool
End of school this year
Finally, my baby, Elena, will start Preschool in the fall.  That will probably results in my crying!

My babies are growing up...too fast if you ask me!

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