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Sunday, September 12, 2010

5K Recap

Yesterday I ran a local 5K.  It was a fundraiser for a high school in our district  It was early and it was hot, but it went well.  I figured I had a shot a placing in my age group.  I knew that it would be a small race with more high schoolers than mom aged folks.  I was right about my chances to place, but I finished fourth.  Bummer!  I was disappointed about that.

There was good news.  I ran a 25:15.  That is 1:21 faster than my previous best 5K time.  I am running another 5K in three weeks.  I am hoping to get close to 25 flat...we shall see.

As for the race itself, there were tons of kids. Some ran well and others ran, stopped, sprinted, stopped, ran, etc.  It was goofy.  Of course, when they decided to stop it was not on the side of the road, but right smack in the middle...annoying! 

There was also this lady I saw before the race all decked out in make-up.  By make-up I mean a whole face of make-up...lipstick, foundation, and lots of eye make-up.  I also wear make-up to races in the form of eye liner and mascara.  I believe you should never leave the house except for 6am runs without those two things.  However, a whole done up face...REALLY????  I am thinking about trying it next time because the lady could fly.  She was fast so good for her.

I learned from this race that I slowed down too much during mile two.  I also felt like I could have finished stronger, but I had more fun waving at my family yelling for me!  I love that they came and it was worth putting up with cranky kids for the rest of the day.

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