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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I was not thankful for lots of things today.  Samuel was a typical two year old with lots of fits, it is still hot, naps were short, dinner was late and the list could go on.  All those things that frustrated me today still give me reason to be thankful.

1.  I have a beautiful son who has fits to frustrate me.
2.  I have an air conditioned house to escape the heat.
3.  I have children who take naps.
4.  I had food to prepare for my family.

Even those things that frustrate me and cause me to feel less than thankful for a moment in time is still a blessing!

Knowing it was a frustrating day for me, my awesome husband sent me on a run tonight.  I am so thankful for those sweet, precious 28 minutes all to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

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