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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A no fun day

Today was the first of many busy Wednesday's to come this fall.  Emma has AWANA, Jonah has gymnastics, and Drew has choir.  It is too much for one day in my opinion, but I don't have much control unfortunately.

Emma loves AWANA and thankfully a wonderful family takes her and brings her home...bonus!  The busy part is she gets off the bus, does her homework, reviews for AWANA, and then rushes through dinner.  Last year was easier because her homework came home on Monday for the week.  Now, she gets it daily.  The good news is Emma enjoyed her day and was not too cranky at bedtime.

Jonah is in a new gymnastics class that lasts 90 minutes.  He enjoys it a lot and we are excited that he has this opportunity.  The bad part is that Samuel and Elena have to wait at the gym doing much of nothing while we watch him.  There will be times when we miss some of his class.  However, with Jonah being new to the class I want to try to be there for most of it.  The good news is the gym is mostly empty on Wednesday so Samuel can generally be as silly as he wants to be.

Drew is a non-factor in our Wednesday nights because he has choir.  Choir is his thing so we deal with it.  So, I survived my first Wednesday of the fall.  The kids survived and tomorrow will be a much more relaxing day.

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  1. First Wednesday is over . . . Congratulations!