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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1.  Sleeping babies---I know I had this listed last week too, but I can't help it.  I love to watch my kiddos sleep.  They are only little for so long.  I also know I should not allow Elena to fall asleep in my arms, but seriously!!!  She is most likely (like 95% certain) our last baby so who knows how long it will be until I get to hold a sleeping peaceful beautiful baby.

2.  I had a great lunch with a wonderful friend yesterday.  It had been too long since we had visited with one another.  It was nice to sit outside, chat, and eat.  I am always so thankful that my friends love my babies and don't mind eating lunch with little kids.

3.  My knee is feeling better and my quad is totally healed.  I am striving for big things on Saturday so I am thankful my body is healing.

5.  The Katie's---these are two girls in my Good Morning Girls group. They have been so faithful in emailing their thoughts each day.  I am excited to be getting to know them better.

6.  Jonah had a great 5 year check up today.  How great is God to bless us with a healthy awesome little boy!

7.  The weather---it couldn't be any nicer in Spring, TX if it tried.  The mornings have been cool.  The house windows have been open.  My kiddos are wearing sweatshirts in the morning.  I hope this weather lasts.

8.  Leftover birthday cake---enough said!

9.  Emma has been so grown up this week...really the past couple of weeks.  She has been less testy with her tone and more willing around the house.  She has really stepped up her game with being helpful, being nice to her brothers, and in general just more cooperative. I am very thankful for her attitude change.

10.  Drew---last, but not least!  He is just great and so funny. Tonight he thought I maybe knew that pennies could conduct electricity in a flashlight if some part broke.  He did this as a kid so he figured I did.  I told him I played with barbies...silly guy.  I love him!

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