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Sunday, September 5, 2010


My sweet Samuel started preschool this year.  He only goes two days a week to a program at our church.  Well, the first two days of school were a disaster.  He cried both days all day except when he was on the playground or napping.  The second week was better, but as with most things, there was still much room for improvement.

After the first week of school, I was so nervous about how he would adjust to Sunday School.  Until this year, Samuel has been in childcare on Sunday mornings.  This year he is old enough to attend preschool Sunday School.  Last week when I signed him in, he cried.  I walked away hoping for the best.  His teachers reported that he calmed rather quickly and was fine.

So, I was hopeful that this Sunday would be even better and God answered my prayers.  Samuel saw his teacher in the hallway, ran to her, hugged her legs, and walked to his classroom with her!  No tears and barely a good-bye to me.  My momma heart did a big sigh of relief.

Now, if Samuel could learn to love school as much as Sunday School.

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