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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I forgot about Ike!

Yesterday when I was thinking if I had anything to post nothing came to mind.  Today was a different story in my head.  I forgot that yesterday was the two year anniversary of Hurricane Ike making landfall near Galveston.  That was probably one of the scariest and craziest experiences of my life...all our lives.  At the time Samuel was 7 months old, Emma just started Kindergarten, and Jonah was about to turn three.

We stayed home and the storm hit in the middle of the night.  I remember the walls shaking...literally moving.  An inside door of our house blew open.  I slept maybe an hour all night.  I was too scared, it was too loud, and I was too busy praying to sleep.  We were lucky because our greatest damage was a downed fence and some lost limbs.  Almost every house on the other side of the street had a tree in the yard or on the house. 

We had no power for two weeks...yes two weeks.  I would go running and see power trucks everywhere, but days continued to pass.  We were blessed to have great friends and neighbors help us out, but no power for two weeks is hard.  It really takes it toll on everyone!  Poor Jonah celebrated his third birthday with no power in our house so I could not make him a cake.  I went to the local bakery and bought four different slices of cake to make him a fun cake.  He loved it and really did not know the difference.

The storm created lasting memories for all of us...good and bad.  I just continue to pray it remains a memory and not one we get relive!

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