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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

My Mom's group at church has started a 15 week challenge.  Each week one of the ladies list a challenge for the upcoming week...nothing time consuming...just fun.  This past week we had to list at least twenty five blessings and then each day list five blessings from that day.

My list was over fifty before I realized I could stop.  Who knew how easy it would be?!  It was a great challenge because after a day of good and bad, I enjoyed reflecting on my truly great life.  Since today is thankful Thursday, I am listing my top 25 of this week:

1.  E sleeping on my chest
2.  Watching E and J at gymnastics
3.  Playing baseball with J
4.  Watching J and S jump on the trampoline
5.  Ice cream
6.  Good friends
7.  Homemade pumpkin bread
8.  Dinner with a friend
9.  A great preschool for J and S
10.  E loving AWANA
11.  Cheeseburger soup
12.  Good Morning Girls beginning
13.  Running!!!!
14.  Mopped floors
15.  Boot camp starting again
16.  The 15 week challenge
17.  Parenthood returning to tv
18.  Cooler mornings
19.  College football
20.  Playing with my kids
21.  Hugs and kisses
22.  Clean sheets
23.  The Closer finale (so good!)
24.  My hubby
25.  Playing at a new park

I have had a blessed week as you can see from my list.  Life is good!!

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