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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonah!!

Five years ago yesterday our little boy was born at 8:18pm.  He came into this world in a hurry and has barely slowed down since then.  Jonah is 5! 

Getting ready for his party!

We had a blue themed birthday party at Collins Park!  Everything was, decorations, shirts, and the cake.  It was a beautiful day and Jonah had lots of fun playing with his friends.  He was especially excited about his cake.

The five layer blue cake

We continued the celebration today when we gave him our presents.  He is really enjoying riding his bike and bike accessories were all he wanted.  So, that is what he got.  His favorites were these:


Biking gloves from Emma, Samuel, and Elena

Our lives have been immeasurably blessed by Jonah!  He is so full of life, caring, energetic, creative, cute and the list goes on....  Happy Birthday Jonah....We love you!

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