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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super Saturday

Well, today I had 10 miles planned and I did it!  I have never run that far and it was fun.  I love my long run Saturday mornings.  A cool front moved through yesterday so it was not humid and only about 72 degrees.  The time went really fast.  I slowed down a bit during mile seven so I picked up the pace to get home in my goal time of 90 minutes.  It was mission accomplished.  It was a good thing I was enjoying a good runner's high because I had barely been home when trouble began...

Jonah was going to take a picture of me when after fighting with Samuel for the camera it was dropped on the floor.  Of course, the camera had been turned on so the lens was then stuck.  There is no at home remedy for this problem.  My runner's high was immediately gone and I was completely frustrated for several reasons.  First, we just bought the camera in May.  Second, I was now in a funk.  Third, I had plans to take all kinds of fun pictures for this blog.  Fourth, and last, I was frustrated I let an almost five year old hold the camera.  What was I thinking???

After the camera mess, Drew discovered that Emma had downloaded something on the computer that messed up everything...really?  This all occurred within about ten minutes.  I truly felt like going for another run in hopes of recapturing that wonderful after run feeling.

Instead, I focused on the rest of the day and the wonderful voices that came out of my TV at 9am...Kirk, Lee, and Chris.  I am of course talking about College Gameday on ESPN.  I love college football almost as much as anything.  I just love the competition, the excitement, the stadiums...everything about college football.  Penn State was not on TV for me to see today which was fine.  I was still able to get my fill even if it did mean watching Michigan win (not my favorite team at all!). 

Drew made a yummy breakfast for dinner meal of pancakes, ham, and fruit.  I love breakfast for dinner meals.  We used the gluten free Betty Crocker mix and it was quite yummy!  So, after the rough morning the day turned itself around pretty well.  The best news about the day is:

1.  My run was awesome!
2.  Penn State won 44-14
3.  The camera will be fixed at no cost to us in two weeks or less.  Thank goodness Drew bought a warranty.

I am focusing on the positive.  Life is too short to be stuck in the yuck.

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  1. Loving reading the news in Houston. Thanks for creating this and thank goodness for warranties! Kels