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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Gingerbread Houses

On Christmas Eve we built our Gingerbread Village.  I bought the kits at Target because I don't like gingerbread so I don't think I should have to bake it.  The kits are perfect and the kids had lots and lots of fun with them.

Drew assembled the village and the kids decorated it. 

Emma had so much fun helping Elena, but....
Elena quickly figured out what she was doing!  She ate as much as she put on her house.
Jonah was very serious about his creativity!

Tonight after days of begging to eat it, I let them have it for dessert.  They were so happy!

So proud of their creations!
The village before the cute!

I hope to make this a Christmas Eve afternoon tradition.  It was a very fun family activity!

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