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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jonah's gymnastics debut

Saturday, December 3rd was Jonah's first official gymnastics meet.  It was the Holiday Invitational and it was at our gym (yeah!).

Jonah is on the Level 4 Boy's Team.  There are five boys on his team...Patrick, Koen, Kyle, Roland, and Jonah. 

It was a small meet and a good first experience for Jonah.  There were five other teams (one was really good).  Level Four boys teams all compete together, but awards are given according to age group.  The age groups are for age 6, age 7, and age 8 and over.  The boys are also scored on the Olympic scale, which is 16. 

Jonah did really well.   He said that he was not nervous or too excited.  His attitude was really relaxed.  He did not score well on pommel horse.  Jonah does not like the apparatus and you can tell when you watch him perform.  His best score was on vault and it was a 13.6.  I was so proud of him!
Saluting holding team trophy
Jonah was the 13th overall boy in his age group and his team placed fifth.  From the pictures, it is hard to tell if he was excited about the results or just tired.  He told us he was too busy thinking about making a shelf for his trophies and medals...only Jonah!

I love this "stolen" moment picture!
Coach Bill gave the team trophy to Jonah to bring home for the weekend.  I thought that was so wonderful.  Jonah was excited to show his siblings!  It goes back to the gym on Monday when Jonah begins practicing three days a week...yikes!
L-R --- Front:  Patrick, Jonah, Koen, Back:  Roland, and Kyle

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  1. Great Job Jonah! Guess what Hanna can't stop doing? Flips and cartwheels in the house. Hmmmm . . . Did she learn that from our little gymnastic? lol