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Thursday, December 1, 2011

MT: Recap Week Two

Well, I am several days late in posting this, but better late than not at all!

Week two was much more successful for me than week one because I was feeling better, I had my favorite running partner here (Scott), and it was cooler outside.  That is always a bonus for running.

I ran 39.2 miles for a two week total of 77.7 miles.

I ran two times on the treadmill.  On Tuesday I began a run on the treadmill because it was raining outside.  When it stopped, Scott and I ran the rest outside.  I also finished a run on the treadmill because of darkness.

I did one stroller run with Elena for 5.25 miles.  She loved it and so did I.  We looked at Christmas lights and she talked most of the time.

I ran a 5mile race on Thanksgiving morning and finished 9th in my AG.  My official time was 38:19.  I crushed my goal time of 38:45.  Thank you Scott for pacing me to an awesome finish.

My long run this week (14 miles) was fantastic.  I finished in 2:09.09.  That is actually too fast for my long runs, but the cold weather made it so easy to run faster.  The miles flew by and I was finished in what seemed like 30 minutes.  I love runs like that!

My foot felt great all week.  I bought a new insert and I think it is helping.  I need to be diligent with my golf ball exercises to keep the pain at bay!

14 weeks until the marathon!!

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