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Monday, December 19, 2011

Samuel's big show

Last Thursday (12/15) the ELCP had it annual Christmas Show.  The pre-K class performed the Christmas Story and the other classes sang songs.  It is always super cute!  Despite the fact that it is the same every year, it is so different because you never know what the little "cherubs" will do or not do!

Looking so handsome!
This year did not disappoint!  Samuel was excited all day.  He sang his songs off and on all day.  He was excited to wear his new sweater.  I figured he would sing his heart out at the show.  Well, he did not.  He stood on stage with his arms crossed and frowned for most of the show.    It was actually quite funny.  Samuel said he was nervous because of all the people.  Oh, well!  It is still a memory...just a little different than I thought it would be!

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