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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve...goodbye 2011

Today is the last day of 2011...I cannot believe that!  It has been a crazy fun filled year of many exciting adventures!

We laughed, cried, loved, screamed, and loved some more.

We visited family and friends in North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.  We traveled through multiple other states on our adventures.

We watched Emma and Jonah turn into gymnasts and begin competitions.

We watched Elena learn to walk, run, and talk.

Samuel was potty trained, became Drew's "mini me", and grew up so much it is a little scary!

Jonah began Kindergarten and Emma started 3rd grade.

We transformed our house and now have a brand new beautiful family room.

I ran 1576.6 miles!

Drew biked far and long until he injured his hand.

We tried to make Jesus central to our lives each and every day!

Drew and I hung on for the ride that we take every day with our sweet Emma, Elena, Jonah, and Samuel. 

Who know what 2012 holds for us, but I know it will be exciting!!
Emma with her super big sparkler!
Jonah and his sparkler!
Elena stomping on her poppers!
Samuel a little nervous with his huge sparkler!
 Farewell 2011....Happy New Year 2012!!!!

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