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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kids Christmas Decorations

Yesterday I shared my decorations.  Well, they are everyone's decorations, but I like to have them in just the right place with little touching occurring.  With four kids who like to touch and re-arrange everything it is necessary for them to have their own decorations.  So, today's tour is mostly Emma, Jonah, and Samuel's decorations.

This is our newest outside decoration.  I finally convinced Drew to put it up snowman made from different size wooden circles, a scarf, a wooden hat, and Drew's boots!  I love him!!

Come on upstairs...a snowman sits on every step
He is my favorite
The table at the top of the stairs.  It has a kid friendly Christmas countdown tree and snowmen.
The new cabinet in our bedroom
Emma's personally decorated tree
The boy's personally decorated tree topped with a Santa hat!
And, my personal favorite child decoration is in the boy's room.  They decorated the space station....
Elena will be able to join in the fun next year when she gets her very own bedroom Christmas tree!

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