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Monday, December 19, 2011

MT: Recap Week Five

My goodness...five weeks in the books.  I cannot believe it!

Last week was the beginning of high mileage weeks.  In the coming weeks my mid week long run will be 9+ miles and my weekend long run will be 14+ miles.   Speed work also begins.  I am excited, but nervous!

I ran 37.5 miles.  My big accomplishment for the week was running my 1,500th mile of the year!

I felt like I was "in the zone" all week.  Every run was easy.  Every run was fun.  Every run passed quickly.  I am praying this lasts until March 3rd!!  I also was able to run at night once and I loved it.  The streets are ablaze with Christmas lights and it is just magical!

I am a little worried that I am running too fast.  I did feel tired or like I am pushing it on any runs (except my speed work runs), but I still worry some.

My hip hurt after my run on Saturday, which it usually does after a long run.  Foam rolling and stretching are wonderful things!

Come on week 6!!!!

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