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Monday, December 12, 2011

MT: Recap Week Four and the Run Girl 13.1

Wow! One month of marathon training is in the books!  I am one-fourth of the way to the starting line...yikes!

Because I ran a half marathon on Sunday (12/11), it was a short mileage week.  I ran 32.1 miles for a one month total of 144.8.  It is not my monthly high, but I will be really close to that number in the next month.

Three of my runs were on the treadmill because winter arrived in Spring last week.  It only lasted a week, but thank goodness for the treadmill on 30 degree mornings! 

I had no issues with anything hurting or aching except my foot.  It feels better and am hoping it continues to heal despite the high mileage weeks coming up.

On Sunday I ran the Run Girl 13.1 for the second year in a row.  I love this race and seem to run it well (at least the two times I have run it).  It was a chilly 40 degrees and breezy which is beautiful running weather.

My goals for the race were to run a 1:54, run consistent paces with a fast last 5K, run a 9:15 or faster first mile, and run the tangents. 

Today was beyond successful for me! My first mile was 8:26 despite my frozen feet. It took about two miles for them to thaw. Miles 1-7 were between 8:20 and 8:37. I am really happy about the relative consistency of that. I felt strong with lots of energy so I really picked up the pace for miles 8-13.1 I ran those last miles between 8:08-7:45 with the last three miles progressively faster. I was really pushing hard for a finish under 1:50 and I was so darn close.  I cannot complain one bit.  I finished 50th overall out of 874 women!

Lots of women were talking about the course being long. It is interesting that it was the exact same course as last year with the exception of the start. It was farther back on the road so either it was short last year and right this year or right last year and long this year. Who knows. My Garmin had me at 1:50.00 for 13.35. I was trying really hard to run the tangents and we all know the Garmin is not perfectly accurate. Either way today was a total win for me!

I felt like I could have started running faster sooner...a mile or two.  I had something left in the tank, but am so happy with the results!  Each race is a learning experience.  This race was also a great confidence booster for me.  I feel ready to tackle the high mileage weeks!

Twelve weeks until the marathon!!

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