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Saturday, December 31, 2011

We went hunting

Yes, you read the title correctly.  We went hunting the day after Christmas.  Well, actually the boys went hunting and the girls tagged along.

In November, Drew went on a work/hunting trip and shot a buffalo.  Apparently he now enjoys to hunt and decided we should all go after Christmas.
Sorry it is so small, but yes that is a huge buffalo!
We drove 5.5 hours to Crystal City in South Texas.  It is probably one of the ugliest places I have ever visited with the exception of the sunsets.  They were pretty.
We went to the ADL7 Ranch which is home to some known animals like whitetail deer and many exotic animals like Oryx.  As soon as we entered the property we saw a zebra!  The Ranch house is lovely, huge, and very comfortable.  The meals are provided (awesome!).  The rooms are huge and very nice.  There are fun amenities like pool tables.  I read a book...yes an entire book.  The trip was relaxing for me.

The kids (except Elena) toured the Ranch and saw some fun animals.  The kids loved it because the could ride on the top of the truck (see below).  On Tuesday morning a buffalo whose name is Chief was hanging out by the front door.  It was crazy close and he did not seem to mind we were there.  There was another animal that did that outback and his name is Grandpa.  The kids actually fed him corn.
Zoomed, but not that much.  Chief was really close to the house!
That is close and they loved it!
Emma and her friends Aimee and Anna in the truck.

Elena loved all the animals.  She learned to say buffalo and elk.  She still likes saying these words.  The inside is filled with "stuffed" animals and she was in awe of them.
He greeted you as you walked in the front door. He made Elena a little nervous.

Just what every Christmas tree needs!
Elena loved the buffalo!
On Tuesday late afternoon the boys and Drew went hunting for pig.  The boys did great in the blind by listening and being very quiet.  Drew did not get anything.

Drew went out again Wednesday morning and he had much better luck.  He shot an 8 point buck!
Again sorry so small.
Gross!  Drew's 8 point buck!
They boys loved all the hunting and what happens after a hunt.  The liked watching the animals be "cleaned" so to speak.  Gross!  They must have watched that happen to several animals three or four times during our stay.

Jonah was excited to shoot a gun at the gun range.  He was in shock after it happened, but said he liked it!
Shooting range
Getting ready to take a shot.
Now, our freezer will be filled with buffalo and venison.  We have no room left for anything else!  It was the strangest "vacation" ever, but filled with lots of memories for the kids and that made it all worth it!

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  1. I am still impressed by that bison! And, Pop would be so proud of Jonah.