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Monday, December 5, 2011

MT: Recap Week Three

Week three was a back off week because I am running a half marathon on December 11th (super excited by the way!).

I ran 35 miles for a three week total of 112.7.  I am almost at 1500 miles for the year (yeah!).

I did not take an off day during the week because of the weather.  It was nice Monday to Saturday, but Sunday was a different story.  So, knowing that I skipped my Friday rest day, moved up my runs, and rested on Sunday.  It was WEIRD not to run Sunday morning.

My long run this week was only 10 miles.  It was a good run except for a little occasional hip pain.  I thought it was odd because my hip has not bothered me in a while.  I hope it was a fluke.

I also ran with Maryiah this week and as usual it was speedy.  That girl only knows one speed!

My foot starting acting up over the weekend so more treatment is in my future.

Thirteen weeks until the marathon!

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