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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things....The Christmas Edition

1.  All my Christmas cards are in the mail as of today!  This is a huge task and I am so thankful it is over. The pictures are amazing as always...thank you Kelsey!  I tallied our mailing this year and the totals are kind of fun useless information.  We mailed cards to 15 states with Texas and Pennsylvania having the highest tallies.  This is a little sneak peek of what will soon be arriving in your mailbox!

2.  Besides baking Drew's cake yesterday, I also had to finish decorating chocolate peppermint cupcakes for Golden Gathering.  GG is a respite program held every third Thursday at our church.  Since I enjoy baking I usually volunteer to take a dessert.  Don't these look delicious!
It was yummy!
3.  Today the baking madness continues.  Samuel, Elena, and I are going to bake sugar cookies and cranberry chocolate chip cookies.  We will be taking the yummy sugar cookies to Samuel's Holiday Sing-a-long tonight.  He is super excited!

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  1. Hanna's response to the cupcake: "What is that Mommy, and how do I get one?" I think we might be making some soon!