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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gumbo Cup---Jonah was up second

Jonah was sick all last week.  He missed three days of school and if I had not been a mean mom, he probably could have missed four days.  The poor child coughed so much all day and night.  By night, I mean that Drew and Jonah hardly slept for two nights trying to care for him.  The cough turned into croup and Jonah developed a fever....really!  We visited the pediatrician, got some medicine, and prayed Jonah would get well so he could compete at the Gumbo Cup.  Thankfully by Sunday Jonah was feeling much better, but he was not a 100%. 

This was Jonah's first out of state meet too!  Jonah was excited for the meet or so he said.  It is hard to know because Jonah is so nonchalant about the meets.  The beauty of being 6 is that Jonah does not care much how he performs at a meet.  He sees gymnastics as fun...not work.  He does not really get all the little things like pointed toes, straight legs, and serious faces.  I love that about Jonah.  He is 6 and he is being 6!  I love that his coach lets him be 6 and congratulates Jonah for working hard and doing well!

Jonah did well considering he missed a practice and still was not perfectly healthy.  He has earned higher scores, but he had fun.  This was evident by the smile on his face between events!!  Jonah did not place individually in his age group and was 7th overall for 5-6 years olds.

What made me sad was seeing Jonah face after the awards ceremony.  He was sad that he did not get an individual medal.  Part of Jonah must care more than he acknowledges to anyone else.  Drew and I talked with him about how great he did and what he could do to improve for his next meet.  We shall see...the next meet is in three weeks!

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  1. Good job Jonah! You are such a talented gymnastic!!! We pray it is always fun and enjoyable for you. Don't every loose your spirit to tumble and spin.