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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Things...when Momma goes down

1.  Last week Jonah had croup and a fever for several days.  He still has an occasional cough, but he is feeling much better.  So far everyone has escaped the horrible wrath of THE VIRUS except me!

2.  I started feeling kind of yucky Sunday morning.  I was achy, tired, and just feeling off.  I ran and probably should not have run.  I fear it kicked THE VIRUS into overdrive.  By Sunday night I felt like total junk and just muddled through Monday.  By Monday night I barely made it to bed alive and I did not leave my bed until lunch time on Tuesday.  I hung out with Samuel on the couch for the rest of the day (Elena was napping).  I was totally worthless....fever, aches, chills, cough, runny nose.  You name it and I probably had it. 

Because of THE VIRUS, I have not run since Sunday.  Monday was optional so that was okay.  Tuesday and Wednesday were scheduled running days, but I stayed in bed.  I barely missed running (shock!)!  My body ached more from being sick than it did after my 20 mile run.

3.  While I was stuck in bed, Drew stayed home from work.  He did not have a choice.  I was incapable of caring for Samuel and Elena.  I was/am so thankful that Drew gets the big picture.  We are a family first and support each other.  Samuel, Elena, and I needed him and he knew it.  I was/am so thankful that Drew's boss gets that big picture too!  What do moms and dads without this kind of support do? 

I am hoping I can breathe clearly today. I am hoping my voice returns today.  I am hoping I can run today.  I am hoping that no one else catches THE VIRUS!  I am officially evicting it from our home!

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