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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's the Little Things

I often say "I want to remember that. I should write it down."  However, I so rarely do that.

Yesterday at my MOM'S group the discussion centered on "Faithbooking."  The idea is to combine faith, one's journey, one's special moments into books.  The center is not to be pictures because maybe there wasn't a picture for "that" moment.  The center is to be you or your child or your sister...whatever the moment or memory was. 

I loved this idea because it was not really scrap booking.  I don't do that.  I definitely don't have time for that.  However, I think this is my way to leave memories for my family.  I write down what I think about, what is important to our family, what great things happened to any of us.  But, these are the bigger moments.  What about all those day to day things that are so precious in the moment.  I love those moments and they make my day.  These are the things I want to remember as well.

For example, Jonah says "Ummm-a" when he is thinking or about to say something.  Jonah's favorite bedtime song is "Thy Word is a Lamp Unto my Feet"!

Elena does not say yes.  She knows how to say yes, but instead she says "huh" for yes.  Elena also "pants" when she gets really excited to tell you adorable!

Samuel likes to pick out my clothing and jewelry.  He especially loves when I wear purple.  Samuel's favorite bedtime song is "Seek Ye First"! 

Emma gets up every morning all by herself, makes her breakfast, and does all the other getting ready for school things totally independently.  She is only 8.  It makes me proud and a little sad at the same time.  Emma wants to be sung to at bedtime and she likes a little song I made up for her!

These are the things that will fade into the background as time moves forward.  These are the moments that help knit the fabric of our family.  These are the moments I need to remember as my babies grow!

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