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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Samuel's birthday party

I can hardly believe that Samuel is going to be a few short days.  As Samuel is getting older he is starting to make his own friends.  This year for the first time we had a birthday party for him and invited just his friends.  It was such a fun day for Samuel!

On Tuesday, Samuel's three friends came over to play, have lunch, and eat cake.  I love the simplicity of that kind of party.  Jackson, Travis, Greg, and Samuel played hard for one hour before the festivities began.  Samuel requested a "Nemo" themed party.  So, we had fish shaped sandwiches, gold fish, fruit, and a "Nemo" cake.  Again, that is so simple and just what he wanted.  That made it perfect!

The PB and J and Turkey and Cheese fish sandwiches
The "Nemo" cake made by a friend...simply amazing!
The back of the cake
Samuel and Elena "oohhhing and aahhhing" over the cake
Samuel being overjoyed at the singing...silly boy!
Greg, Samuel, Travis, and Jackson
Samuel received lots of fun trucks, a "Toy Story" toy, and a shooting spider man toy.  He was such a happy boy.  I was such a happy mommy to see his face filled with such joy!  I can't wait to celebrate his real birthday in a few days!!!!

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  1. That is an awesome cake! I would have looked at it for hours too.