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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our weekend in Louisiana

I must admit that I was not overly excited to spend a weekend in Sulphur, LA.  The choices of what to do are not overwhelming.  Luckily, the weather was 60, sunny, and breezy amazing.  That allowed for lots of outdoor time so that is what filled our Saturday afternoon.

We hung out at Millennium Park in Lake Charles.  It was a super nice park.  There was a marina, a nice playground, lots of walking paths along the water, and very cool things like helicopters and tanks to explore.  There was also a very nice 9/11 memorial.  This park had something for everyone, which is probably why we were there for almost three hours!

1st family picture of 2012

The marina with a large boat...the boys were so happy

How can I get up there?
With a little help from Daddy...the kids sitting on a tank

Samuel hanging out on the tank
Jonah climbing on the tank
The sky was amazing and I just love this picture!
The Vietnam War helicopter
After some Cajun food we headed back to the hotel.  Of course, I took some more pictures! 

This was our dessert after a spicy Cajun meal...milkshakes!
All cuddled and ready for bed!
And, yes, one last picture of gymnastics...well kind of!  Jonah started early Sunday morning and Elena did not feel like changing out of her pj's...she is so cute!
Eating breakfast in her pj's at the meet!

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  1. Elena: "I feel the same way most days. I won't let Mommy take my Piggy PJ's off either a lot of days." Love Leah