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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things....mostly about Samuel

 All things Samuel - Samuel is the "Star of the Week" for his preschool class this week.  It has been a very fun adventure for him.  Over the weekend, we found lots of fun Samuel pictures for him to take to school.  We also took this picture since working with Daddy in the shop is one of his favorite things!  He told his class about the pictures and what made each picture fun!  On Wednesday, he took one of his favorite toys and books to share with his class.  Tomorrow he is taking one of his favorite snacks to share....chocolate chip pumpkin bread!  That is correct....homemade yumminess and not store-bought grossness. 
And more Samuel - Next Tuesday Samuel is having his birthday party.  Yes, it will be Valentine's Day, but Samuel will be celebrating being 4 with his friends.  The theme is Nemo and today we are off to buy all things related to Nemo and fish.

And what would a post be without something running related - Emma and I are volunteering at my friends Orphan Hope Marathon on Saturday.  We will be up before the sun and I am not even running.  I am very excited to "be on the other side" of running for a day.  Emma was excited to be with me and I am all for fostering her "like" of all things running!  It should be a wonderfully inspiring day!

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