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Monday, February 20, 2012

MT: Recap Week Fourteen

People say time passes too quickly when your babies are little.  I think the same is true for marathon training.  In 11 days, I will be in my corral probably ready to puke (sorry, but true) with all my training completed!  Where does time go?

I have started my taper which means I will hardly be running any mileage during the next two weeks.  This past week I only ran 36 miles.  I am sure I will be filled with lots of extra energy.  BUT, my body needs this time to recover from all my running and to renew so I can bring in on 3/3/12!

Week fourteen held my last double digit run...12 miles.  Seriously at this point 12 miles seems like nothing and it is still almost two hours of running.  It was a very successful run because I ran the last 6 miles four minutes faster than the first 6.  This is just how I want to run the marathon...getting stronger with every step!

All my runs were a little tentative this past week because I was trying to recover from my fall.  My head is finally better.  It is still sore to touch so I don't really do that.  My knee hurts when I am finished running, but does not bother me too much when running.  The healing process from the gross scrape/cut is still ongoing.  It is quite bothersome and I need these last two weeks for it to heal completely!

I have 9 runs left.  That is less than two hands....oh my!  I feel ready, but I am getting nervous. 

I just learned my bib # is 535 and I am in Corral A.  I will be in the same corral as the elite runners.  That is hilarious on so many levels.  I am totally excited for race day to be here!

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