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Friday, April 27, 2012

A surprise family night

We have a really, really busy weekend....a race, a soccer practice and game, church, a choir concert, and yard work.  Who knows what else will occur amongst all that!  I was worried that we would not have time for our normal Sunday afternoon/evening family activity so Drew and I planned a Friday surprise for the kids. 

We decided to pick up Emma and Jonah from school which was already a surprise.  They normally ride the bus.  I called the school to change them to car riders.  When we got them they were a little shocked to see everyone in the car.  After some poor guesses we told them about our plan.

I have a race tomorrow morning and needed to pick up my race packet race day pick up.  So, instead of going by myself we made an adventure out of it.  We got my stuff, picked up dinner at a yummy sub place, bought dessert at Nothing Bundt Cakes (oh so amazing) and headed to Williams Tower to eat, play, and enjoy the waterfall. 

Williams Tower

Emma and Elena enjoying the fountain area
They kids had never been there so they had no idea what to expect.  They LOVED it.  The waterfall is really quite impressive and gives off a generous spray.  The had such fun running in front of the fountain and in the field in front of the Tower.  They also thought the building looked like it was going to fall on them.  I would agree it did if you were looking up at it. 

The weather was awesome.  It was sunny and windy, but not hot.  We enjoyed our subs and chips and then it was on to dessert.  I have had the bundt cakes at two races and so like them.  Having to drive downtown seemed like a great reason to buy one.  We decided on the red velvet cake with cream cheese icing (probably my favorite all time cake)!  It was yummy and we have leftovers for tomorrow...score!

Beautiful presentation
Delicious looking bundt cake
Jonah with the "what" expression!  He was finished with his piece before everyone was served and he was not served first.

Pure joy and fun on her face!

I just love this squished picture!

Isn't it just the coolest fountain and an awesome setting for a picture?  It was definitely a successful surprise family outing!

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