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Monday, April 2, 2012

A family bike ride and slushies!

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea that we should all go on a bike ride after dinner.  That means Elena is in the trailer and everyone else is riding.  To make the ride even more fun I suggested we bike to Sonic for dessert.  The kids were on board with my plan already, but the promise of a slushy made them totally excited.

So off we went for the two mile ride to Sonic and 45 minutes later we arrived.  To say that it was slow going is quite the understatement.   Samuel is great on the bike, but his four year old legs only pedal so fast.  He ditched his bike twice instead of riding through a sprinkler resulting in something happening to his one training wheel.  This made the journey a little slower.

After the sprinkler incident, Jonah fell when his skidded on the path.  He cut his knee, danced in pain, and cried.  In the end he decided he could continue the journey toward his wonderful blue slushy. 

Not five minutes later Emma fell.  How this happened will forever be a mystery to me.  She was riding on the path and BOOM...down she goes!  She really cut up her knee and more tears followed on this short 2 miles bike ride.  Again, the lure of a slushy proved great and she decided to keep riding.

Lots of drama later and nasty thought swirling in my head we arrived!  Everyone was happy for 15 minutes!

It was pure joy and then we had to ride home.  Thankfully we arrived home much quicker...the power of the slushy!

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