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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guess what Drew bought?

I wish I could say it was something really awesome like diamond earrings, a new sofa, or new running shoes for me.  Nope!  He bought himself a new truck!  Yes, a brand spanking new brownish bronze truck....

He has always wanted a truck and I gave up talking him out of it.  And, his car was about to fall apart any day now.  We did need a new vehicle of some sort.  Of course, this is an extra special truck.  We live in Texas and everything is bigger and better here, right?  The one thing that is definitely a big deal in Texas is trucks and now our truck has a special Texas logo on it. 

The kids faces were like it was Christmas morning.  Kind of crazy if you ask me, but fun to watch.  Samuel's excitement was out of control.  It was so funny.
This is their favorite part of the truck.
Drew and his new ride!
Emma could not wait to do a handstand in the truck silly!
And, Jonah had to do one too!

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  1. Scott: I have truck envy! Kelsey: No way, babe!