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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samuel's soccer debut!

Today was the BIG DAY!  The day sweet Samuel has been waiting to come for months!  Today was opening day of soccer!

He was a little nervous at first, but he has an amazing coach and got brave quickly.  Brandon is great with the kids and he loves soccer.  In fact, Brandon played on the National Jr. Soccer Team and he started playing on the fields at Strack when he was 3.  I don't know if that will be Samuel's path, but it is wonderful to have a coach who still loves soccer after years of intense playing.  He has another coach as well and her name is Jessica.  Samuel said she was so pretty!

Samuel's team has nine players.  It is a mix of boys and girls age 4 and 5.  Five players take the field at a time.  There are 4 six minute quarters.  The field is obviously small and just perfect  for little ones learning to play.

For most of the game it looked like a rugby srum or like moths to a light.  It was just so precious to watch.  Unfortunately, Samuel's team lost 4-2. 
An action shot
Samuel running to the ball

I truly don't think he has any idea what the score was.  I do know that he was sad he did not score a goal or get the ball in the net as he said.  He was also sad that he did not receive the weekly sportsmanship medal.  A different child wins each week.   He cried...poor baby.  It is part of learning and he recovered quickly after getting a hug from me and positive words of encouragement from his coach.
Samuel said, "we were huddling up!"
When we got home I asked if he was ready to play again next week.  He said, "Mom, I am going to play every week!"

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  1. I am so happy for him! His smile says it all!!!