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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hills, oh my!

I run on the flattest streets ever paved.  It is so flat and really quite boring.  So, when I get the chance to run on hills (excluding the treadmill) I am in runner's heaven.  I like the challenge.  I like having to work harder when I am running.  I love reaching the top knowing I have earned the downhill!

At Kelsey's last week I ran hills on three glorious days!  I squeezed it into our already jammed packed schedule and it was worth it.  I also ran with my favorite running brother-in-law Scott.  We run similar paces and chat away miles quite quickly!

Our first hill run was 6.2 miles of serious climbs and few downhills.  Aren't climbs supposed to have a downhill?  I swear these just get flat at the top.  We finished in 56:43 for an average pace of 9:09.  I had not run hills since last October and that was just for one day.  Either way I was proud of my effort. 

My five mile recovery run was on hills.  I knew it was to be an easy run, but I could not resist the hills again.  I really need to move to the mountains or at least Austin...ha-ha!  Anyway, I also had a hard time running at a recovery pace.  Cooler weather agrees with me!  My average pace for this run was 8:58.

My middle run was my dream run!!  It was a tough 10 miler with five big uphills.  The weather was perfect.  The spring flowers smelled great.  The blooming trees were beautiful.  I had a feeling this would be a great run.  My first mile was 8:54 and I decided right then and there that all my miles were going to be sub 9.  I knew it would be hard, but I was feeling the challenge! 

My first six miles were

At mile seven I finally reached totally flat territory and I could feel myself wanting to slow down.  My legs had worked hard for 6 miles.  Instead of quitting, I sped up and ran mile 7 in 8:19 and mile 8 in 8:22.  Little rollers returned for the last mile and a half before a little downhill to the finish.  I ran mile 9 in 8:32 and mile 10 in 8:39.  I was tired during the last mile and just mentally willed my legs to keep moving forward.

I was elated when I finished in 1:26.32.  My average pace for the run was 8:39!!!  I had no fuel during this run...nothing to drink or eat for 10 miles.  I only ate a banana before I ran.  With proper race day preparations I am only going to be stronger and faster!

I have seven weeks before my half which has a tough bridge to climb.  I know my plan will carry me to the finish STRONG!  I know it will probably be hot (it will be June 2), but I am good with that.  I live in Texas after all!  I am GOALING BIG for this race!!

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