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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

I know everyone wonders what we do all day so I thought I would share a typcial gym day at our house.  By gym, I mean gymnastics!  And, of course, this is a day through my eyes...

4:50  I wake up, dress, eat a banana, drink water, and leave to meet Maryah to run.  It is an amazingly cool morning and we have a great four mile run.  I drive home and run two more miles on the treadmill for a total of 6.  Drew leaves for his morning bike ride. 

6:40 Emma wakes up.  She uses an alarm (such a big girl!).  Samuel is already awake because recently he does not think sleep is important (note sarcasm!).  I wake Jonah at 6:50.  We rush through eating, fixing hair, brushing teeth, and making lunches.  I walk them to the bus stop and our neighbor girl at 7:15. 

7:20  I make breakfast for me and Samuel.  I enjoy reading some online devotions, catching up on Facebook, reading emails, and looking at some blogs.  Samuel bothers me..oh I mean asks me...for milk about three times in 40 minutes.  He loves milk and has to be cut off each day.  Drew leaves for work by 7:45. 

8:20  I head upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. 

9:00  I get Elena up for the day.  She is a sleeper and I could not be more thankful for this!  I give her breakfast and get her dressed.  Samuel gets dressed and they play while I finish my morning tasks (dishes, making beds, picking up various things, starting laundry)

10:00  We leave for Target.  We need a few things and I am getting Icee's for a treat for all when we have lunch at Haude.

11:00  Arrive at Haude for lunch with Emma and Jonah.  I had packed a lunch for Elena and Samuel so everyone gets to eat.  They all love their Icee's!  After eating we go to the Book Fair and buy books for everyone including their teachers.  Emma has to be reminded that it is a Book Fair not a poster, pencil, and pen fair.  She does end up with three great books.  She loves to read!

12:15  Home again and Drew surprises the little ones by coming home for lunch.  After lunch it is play time until nap time.

1:30  I read to Elena and put her down for a nap.  Samuel is exhausted because he woke at 6am so I turn on a show for him.  Within 20 minutes, he is out and sleeps for almost an hour!

2:30  I make meatballs and spaghetti for dinner for us and our neighbor.  Love having dinner finished in the afternoon!  I also do some work for Dr. Parker and do more laundry.

3:30  Everyone is awake again and they have snacks.  Emma and Jonah get off the bus at 3:45.  They have snack and change for the gym.

4:15  We leave for the gym.  Jonah goes in first.  Emma and I study her spelling before she goes in at 4:45.  I am so exhausted from waking so early this week that I sleep for five minutes.  Emma wakes me before she has to go.   Eight year olds are great!

5:00  Home again to put away laundry and finish making dinner.  I play some with Elena and Samuel until Drew gets home.

6:15  We eat.  I clean up quickly and head back to the gym with two dinner's with me.  Jonah is finished at 7p.  He eats and we finish his homework.  Emma is finished at 8p. 

8:10  We are back home for the LAST time today!  Emma finishes eating.  I finish cleaning the kitchen.  Jonah and Emma head upstairs for showers.  Drew puts Elena to bed while I read to the boys.  By 8:40 everyone is in bed and almost asleep. 

8:45  I check email, read some blogs, and relax on the couch with Drew until 10p.  We go to bed after watching the weather (love the weather!).  I am out cold by 10:25!

So, there you go...a day in the life at the Mann house! 

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