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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Fun Run

This morning Emma and Jonah's school hosted its big Spring fundraiser....Boosterthon Fun Run!  The Boosterthon people have been at the school for the last 9 days talking about fitness, leadership, character, and fun with the students.  For the fundraiser, each student runs laps up to 35 and asks friends and family for pledges per laps run.    A flat donation could also be given.
This year's theme!
Emma and Jonah excitedly asked grandparents and other family members for donations.  They both raised over $200, which makes me proud!

This morning Elena and I arrived at school at 8:30 to watch Jonah complete his laps.  Being completely dumb, I left my sunglasses at home and had to squint for two hours....dumb!  At least I remember a blanket, toy, snack, and milk for Elena.  All that kept her pretty entertained for two hours!
We forgot her sunglasses too!
I was super happy with the program.  The announcer was very enthusiastic.  Many of the laps had a different theme...skipping, lassoing, robot motions, walking, football, etc.  There was a water station.  Laps were marked off on each child's t-shirt which was provided by Boosterthon.  It was just so well organized.

Jonah proudly completed his 35 laps!

Jonah holding his cup and his friend Connor is right in front of him.

Elena, me, and a sweaty Jonah

Emma's grade ran from 9:30 to 10:30.  She also completed 35 laps!!!!

Ashlynn, Emma, and Raegan
Me and a sweaty Emma
I think this is the best fundraiser EVER!  The programs raises money for schools.  It encourages exercise!  The students have a lot of ownership in the program.  And, almost the best part (running is the best part!) is no cookie, candle, wrapping paper, etc delivery for mommy!

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